Dr Davidsons Patients Speak Out

Dear Dr. Davidson,

Thank you so much for setting my back at the California International Marathon and getting my ribs and pelvis back in place.  The result was – I had a great run and I reached my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  Even better, my time was a Personal Record.  I ran 1.5 minutes faster than my best run 26 years ago.

I could not believe it. Thanks again for putting me back in line.

All the Best – Marian Fiorentino



I drive regularly from Stockton to Elk Grove to see Dr. Davidson at Advanced Health Solutions for my neck.  He’s the only one I truly trust to adjust my neck and truthfully, he’s the only one that can get my neck to move.  I have some pretty bad neck pain and it gives me strange referred pain to my head and jaw. He always takes my pain away and I would recommend him to anyone.

I am the Wife of a Chiropractor and therefore wish to remain anonymous.


One Response to “Dr Davidsons Patients Speak Out”

  1. William Kotter Says:

    I love Dr Davidson he is strong with great hands, I am a big guy and its not easy to move me .. He gets me every time and I feel Great

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